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Medico-legal reporting

Orthopaedic Trauma Experts is a group of orthopaedic surgeons based in Edinburgh. We all specialise in trauma surgery and are all based at the New Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. Between us we care for over 10 000 outpatient and 4000 inpatient cases of personal injury each year and form one of the busiest orthopaedic trauma units in the whole of Europe.

We have come together as a group to offer the highest quality of medicolegal reporting possible in the fields of personal injury, trauma and musculoskeletal medical negligence. Each of us is an active specialist in the field of orthopaedic trauma who deals with trauma cases on a daily basis. Each of us is published internationally and we are all directors or faculty on various local, national and international teaching and training courses for orthopaedic trauma. Between us we have decades of experience in providing written and verbal medical opinions and reports. We therefore offer an unparalleled level of practical and academic expertise in the production of medical reports for our clients.

To support this expertise we have joined together with the renowned Edinburgh Clinic to provide a seamless system for reviewing clients, producing reports and providing further support. Between us we can ensure that all cases are seen promptly by the relevant expert and by providing a single full time point of contact for lawyers and solicitors we ensure that subsequent communication is faultless.

It is worth noting that we are not an agency. There is no middle man and all contracts are directly between the instructing team and the relevant expert. This maximises efficiency and minimises costs.

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Medico-legal reporting

Orthopaedic Trauma Experts

The Edinburgh Clinic

The Edinburgh Clinic day-case hospital is a private diagnostic and day surgery centre situation on Colinton Road, near Edinburgh's Polwarth, Morningside and Craiglockart areas. The facility comprises of theatre suite, out-patient clinics with specialist consultants supported by fully-equipped diagnostics suite including full-body MRI, CT, ultrasound, x-ray, DXA and surgical facilities.

The Edinburgh Clinic encompasses an extensive range of medical specialties as well as outpatient health screening, onsite physiotherapy and dedicated Private GP service.

We aim to create a calm and relaxing environment through the clinic, ensuring our services delivered result in safe, effective and personalised care for all patients.

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Why OTE?

At OTE we offer a single point of contact for the ultimate in efficient and high quality service in medico-legal reporting. We provide reports for both the defence and the pursuer in all cases from minor injuries and sprains to the most complex of medical negligence claims. Where necessary we can provide super-subspecialist reports in all fields of personal injury including hand/wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, spine, pelvis and acetabulum, hip, thigh, knee, lower leg, ankle and foot. In each area we can provide an expert who is an international speaker, international teacher and who is internationally published. We can therefore provide the highest quality of medical report and where necessary support our opinions in the courts.

By teaming up with The Edinburgh Clinic we have ensured that we have experienced and dedicated secretarial and administrative staff to ensure that turnaround time for reports is minimised. We also have on site access to any further imaging services that may be required and can organise this ‘in house’ with minimal delay or difficulty. We have, however, several sites around Edinburgh where clients can be seen and our ‘choose and book’ system allows them to select the most convenient time and place for their appointment.

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Selecting your expert

Our aim is to make it as simple as possible to organise medical reports. Reports can therefore simply be sent in to our office and we will select the expert best placed to deal with each case. Where preferred, please feel free to request a particular expert when referring and we will ensure that the case is directed to that individual consultant.

We are not an agency – all contracts are held directly between the referring solicitor and the reporting expert. This minimises costs and administration.

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Benefits of choosing OTE

Experts in Trauma
Based in Edinburgh
No agency fees

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