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Our aim is to make life for solicitors as simple as possible while maximising the quality of reports they receive. We offer a single point of contact for all reports and are happy to assign each case to the expert we feel best placed to act, or we can reserve reports for a specifically requested expert. We have full time dedicated staff on hand to answer queries, keep you up to date with progress and to put you in contact with the relevant expert.

You need the right expert for your patients. If a case goes to court you need to ensure you have the best expert on your side. We at OTE provide the highest level of expertise in all areas of personal injury and trauma. Please take a look at our panel of experts. Each of us is a currently active, up to date, renowned expert in the field of musculoskeletal trauma and between us we are subspecialists across the entire range of orthopaedic injury. Each of us is trained in the production of high quality, reliable, and resilient medico-legal reports. We aim to provide you with the simplest route possible to an unsurpassed quality of medicolegal reporting.

If you have a patient for whom you require a medicolegal report please contact us with the details and we will organise to see the patient and prepare a report. You can name the expert you want to prepare the report or simply send us the case details and we will select the expert we feel best placed to assist you.

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All our members are orthopaedic surgeons specialising in trauma